DENTO KOGE – Analyzing the straightening process

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Analyzing the straightening process

The same as with most traditional arts in Japan (Dento Kogei),

The Sakai knife industry is also experiencing many problems moving forward with knife making techniques and encouraging the new generation of knife makers to be good workman.

We are working to solve this problem with Sakai City and the Kyoto Institute of Technology by using modern equipment and technology.















At this time, we are trying to analyze the blade flattening process which the Fujiyama sharpener feels is the most difficult to teach using the eye camera and 3D data tracing machine.

By using the eye camera and 3D data tracing machine we will know were to look during this process and also be able to see the surface area that is bent. During the straightening process these are the most difficult things for new workman to see.

















The Fujiyama sharpener made an educational tool for straightening,

he will use this as a way to easily communicate were the knife is bent to the new workman