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幸之祐 三条




このように、同じ包丁でも産地によって特色があることをお伝えしたいとの思いから、他産地プロジェクトの第一弾として『幸之祐 三条』を立ち上げました。











From international dealers, we’ve gotten several requests to provide the knives made in different prefectures. Through those requests, we found that there are many great blacksmiths not only in Sakai but also all around Japan.

Especially in Sanjo city (Niigata prefectire), several blacksmiths are making great knives whose finish is totally different from Sakai ones. Also those are different from each other even in Sanjo city.

In this time, we’ve launched “Konosuke Sanjo” as a 1st project of “knives from different area” to show that knives are totally different origin by origin.