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幸之祐 堺



2006年に、『世の中の多くの包丁は 各地の職人さん達が手作業で仕上げた すばらしいものである』という事実を 国内外の方に知って頂きたいという思いを初めて形にしたのが、この幸之祐堺の包丁群です。














Until recently, most knives from Sakai haven’t been introduced with the information of the origin when those were sold.

In 2006, we’ve launched “Konosuke Sakai” to show to the people all around the world that many knives are made by hand of the great craftsmans in Sakai.

Here in Sakai – the birthplace, we’ll try to show our way of inheriting the Dentoukougei” with solving the problem about the decreasing of the young craftsmans.