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1932 ”河村禎七商店” 設立(出張販売が主の製造卸売業)

1945 疎開のため休業(空襲で店が全焼)

1948 業務再開

1969 ”(株)河村商店” 設立

1973 本社ビル完成

1990 社名を”(株)カネシゲ刃物”に変更

2006 ”幸之祐” 立ち上げ / ホームページ開設

2011 ギャラリー完成

2016 ”幸之祐 三条” 立ち上げ








The history of our company



1932  “KAWAMURA TEISHICHI Shoten” founded
small company of manufacturing and wholesale by peddling

1945  stop the business because of the war
the building was burned down by an air raid

1948  reopen the business

1969  “KAWAMURA Shoten Co.” established

1973  The building of head office constructed

1990  named “KANESHIGE Hamono Co.”

2006  founded “KONOSUKE” and open the website

2011  Gallery has built

2016  launched “KONOSUKE SANJO”

















幸之祐 立ち上げの経緯






















Why we founded Konosuke



In our original company Kaneshige Hamono, we’ve sold all levels of Japanese knives including both higher priced hand forged knives and lower priced factory made knives under the same brand.

I wanted to make it possible for people to buy and have access to the highest quality hand made knives from the best craftsmen in Sakai, so we founded Konosuke.