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稀逢 NT



鋼材は1~1.3%の炭素とバナジウム・クロムを含み、硬度はHRC 61-62程度です。

– 和牛刀 210mm
– 和ペティ 150mm

– Khii 紫檀八角 / Khii 黒檀八角(紫檀桂)










Keiai NT



The new black damascus from Konosuke,( is part of the Keiai line). Unique to Konosuke the process of finishing
the nickel damascus cladding is neither etched nor kurouchi but a process that permeates the top layer of steel
rather than being just a surface treatment. This process brings out unique colours in the damascus making each blade one of a kind.

The core steel is a new stainless steel with 1-1.3% C an HRC of 61-62 with high Vanadium and chromium.

sizes –
210mm gyuto
150mm petty

handles –
octagon khii rosewood and khii ebony with rosewood ferrel